The Roche Sports Club's Handball Section was founded as far back as 1943, and has thus been in existence for over 60 years.

Our aim is to play in the A series (highest of three skill levels) in the regional company handball championship. The winter championship is played indoors, the summer championship on outside courts.

In warm and fine weather, we hold our summer training sessions on the hard court at the sports centre.

Our team is made up of players who…

  • have played handball competitively in the past but now want to scale back their training and match commitments (time spent and intensity of training);
  • played junior or university handball and now wish to return to the sport after taking a break;
  • are interested in fitness and being part of a team and have therefore started to learn handball with us..

Training philosophy: We train our players to be aware of their teammates, their opponents and the other team's goalkeeper. We do not follow choreographed game patterns; rather, we create situations and develop them into scoring opportunities. We use the 6:0 defence formation, and the 5:1 as an alternative.

Alongside training and competitions, social activities naturally also have an important role in our section. If you are interested in joining us, the best way to get started is simply to come along to a training session or get in touch with one of our members.

Sports grounds:

  • Roche sports hall, Birsfelden,
  • St Jakob-Halle, Basel
  • Ciba SC sports ground, Allschwil
  • Novartis Landauer sports ground, Basel

We train once a week at the Roche sports hall in Birsfelden:
Thursday: 6.15 - 8.15 p.m.

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